Saturday, 17 December 2011

శత జన్మాల బంధాల

విరహపు జాడలేనాడు వేడి కన్నేసి చూడలేని జతలో
శత జన్మాల బంధాల బంగారు క్షణమిది

లోకమే మారినా... కాలమే ఆగిన
ఎన్నడు... తీరిపోని రుణముగా వుండిపో..


Reunion in LOVE is always so passionate 
after a long time missing each other

but it couldn't be stopped half the way

sooooo Much ♥

I M Sorry Of Being So Emotional
I M Sorry Of Being So Possessive

I M Sorry That I Cry For You
I M Sorry Because I Cant Live Without You

I M Sorry For Thinking Of You So Very Much
I M Sorry I Always Miss Your Touch

 Above All...

" I Love sooooo Much" ♥

Friday, 16 December 2011

Just HUG

You know what I will do next time  
when I meet my love ??

Heart - Key

You HOLD the KEY to Your LIFE
You HOLD the KEY to Your LOVE

Smart & Sexy

Looking... Thin.. 
Super SMART... 
and Super SEXY...
isn't It ??

Get Well Soon..

Health Yelaa undhi ippudu..





Thursday, 15 December 2011

ప్రతి నిముషం నువ్వూ.

తీరని దాహం నువ్వు - నా మోహం నువ్వు 
తప్పని స్నేహం నువ్వు.
తీయని గాయం చేసే.. అన్యాయం నువ్వు.. 
అయినా ఇష్టం నువ్వూ..

నిద్దర్లో నువ్వు - పొద్దుల్లొ నువ్వు, 
ప్రతి నిముషం నువ్వూ...

Love My Coffee

Since beginning... 

Do you believe in this ??

No More..

let me have my feeling with me
let me have my pain with me
let me have memories with me
above all
let me have my LOVE with me


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Regret - Ashamed

Y do one feel ashamed ??

is LOVE really a shameful thing ??
Looking at my face??
Thinking about me ??

what makes them to be ashamed

More Pain..

I don't know why you are crying
but I am dying every minute 


I am unable to control my pain 
its hurting me
more than a 3rd degree treatment

No Single Day..

May be YOU don't know

There is no single day passing by
where I don't, at some point

ఏం నవ్వావే..!

ఒక కొంటెపిల్లనే చూసా.. సెంటిమీటర్ నవ్వమని అడిగా..
తను నవ్వే నవ్వితే.. నా మనసే పొంగిపోయిందే..

అబ్బా!! ఏం చూసావే.. ఏం నవ్వావే..

ఏం టయిమింగ్..కరెక్ట్ గా
రింగ్ టోన్ కూడా ఫుల్ సౌండ్ తో

"నను ఏదొ చేసేసిందంట..లవ్లీగా నను చంపేసిందంటా.." అని

Smile - Loved It

Wanted to C..

Today noon I wanted to see 
my LOVED ONE's face with a SMILE.

But I know she wont be happy to see ...
Just I walked away the other way.
 to make her HAPPY

At least one should be happy

Never Get Again..

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Escape from pain...

People think I am smiling a lot these days.
its not because that I am HAPPY.

But because I need to find an escape from the PAIN  I am in.

I am really NOT fine without you

Miss Youuu !!

Miss You

Miss You

Miss You

Smile Plzz..

Believe it or not
The only medicine for all my pains is


can I have it once... please....

from HEAD to TOE

Kissing Feet 
doesn't mean touching the feet for begging

Kissing Feet means..
Loving a person "from HEAD to TOE"

People misunderstands it 
who don't know what actually LOVE and CARING is

Is it CARING...

Sharing Accepted....
remember one incident when YOU cared for me ?

తనకి నొప్పి వేస్తే.. నాకు బాధ వేసేది.
తనకి బాధ వేస్తే.. నాకు కన్నీళ్ళు వచ్చేవి.
తనకి కన్నీళ్ళు చూస్తే.. నాకు ప్రాణం పోయేది.

కానీ నాకు ఏమైనా ఐతే.. తన నోట్లొ వచ్చే మాట 
"బాగ అయ్యింది.. మంచిగా అయ్యింది" 

నేను బాధ పడితే  తనకి ఏంత సంతోషమో.. 

Is it CARING... 

Child Heart

When I feel she is UPSET, I used to hold her face 
to make her feel safe.. and happy - like a kid.

But I still remember.. every time i hold her face 
it was me who felt like a KID

My Heart was still feeling it 
and want to say my love "DONT WORRY"

Monday, 12 December 2011

Sweet LIE?

Yes... I have a blog to share my feelings...
only a BLOG.. but not a HEART

But people who has everything still says 'have nothing'

they have 
CHAIN MAILS to flirt with others
SMS to tease others with messages
LONG CALLS to share feelings
FRIENDS to laugh together
RELATIVES who care for

but still feels lonely ?? 
isn't it a SWEET LIE..


Stop WAR... HUG More

I still kept that WARM feeling in my heart
and I never let it go.. until it stops beating

Tight Memories....

Do  you know why..
I always hold on to MEMORIES so tight??

Memories are only thing that don't change,
when everybody else does...
Only people who wants to remember, can do that
not the one who forgets everything the other day morning

Stop Loving !

Its hard to tell MY MIND 
to stop loving someone 

when MY HEART still does


I Love some one without reason ......?
I feel happy think about her presence ........?

relation with my loved one has NO EXPLANATION...!!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

రోజంతా... ఇష్టమే..

ఏంటో ఈ జీవితం..

ఓక రోజు కోపం.. ఓక రోజు ప్రేమ..
ఈ రోజంతా... ఇష్టమే

just AWESOME....

What the hell is this feeling..

when I took that innocent face..into my hands,
my heart pounds like a little child..

awesome feeling.. just AWESOME....

మరువలేని ఇంద్రజాలం!!

ఏమైoదీ ఈవేళ.. ఎదలోఈ సందడేల... 
కను రెప్పవేయనీయదు  తన చిలిపి నవ్వు..

మనసులోన వింతమోహం..మరువలేని ఇంద్రజాలం

Thinking a lot about love today.
LOVE is an awesome feeling and really memorable
(don't say "stop chasing dreams" cause these are my own feelings and its my life)

ఏంత ముద్దొస్తోందో....

God !! so cute....really damn cute...

సన్నగా ఉన్నా ఏంత ముద్దొస్తోందో..
tooo lovely. muuuuah...
I am missing it a lot

Not My Problem

Its not my problem

Innocent & Lovely

I never hate people .. because everybody is good.
I just hate their opinions and decisions (I repeat)

You are so innocent that is the 
best part in like in you.

But..I dont like

Foolish understanding out of frustration/childish mentality
and you never try to know the TRUTH

painful day

Why is this happening to me

Today is one of the most painful day
without my mistake.. 

people misunderstood what I said 
and given me the HARSH words again :(

Y dont they understand in a right way