Thursday, 5 April 2012

Yeppieeee B'Day

Happy BirthDay - 24

Happy BirthDay - 23

Happy BirthDay - 22

Happy BirthDay - 21

Birth Day Dress

How is this Birth Day Dress ???

Happy Birthday - 20

May you live a 100 years with the 
same fun and attitude as you do now.
 Happy Bday!!

Happy Birthday -19

You are and you will always be my little princess 
No matter how many years will have passed. 

Happy Birthday my Angel!

Happy Birthday - 18

Loving you could take my life, 
but when I look into your eyes..
 I know you’re worth any sacrifice. 
Happy Birthday My Love!

Happy BirthDay - 17

I wanna be looking in your eyes, 
I wanna be there for you, 
sharing everything you do, 
I wanna grow old with you. 

Happy Birthday My Babe !!

Happy BirthDay - 16

I love more than you’ll ever see, 
more than my heart could ever show, 
I love more than you’ll ever know. 
Happy Birthday My Dear !!

Happy BirthDay -15

I did not believe that 
Angel with a pretty smile existed, 
until the day I met you. 

Spending these years together 
has confirmed my belief. 

You are a true angel sent from the heavens, just for me. 
Happy Birthday darling!

Happy BirthDay -14

Wishing you tons of happiness and joy on your special day. 
Happy Birthday my  Sweetie!!

Happy Birthday -13

Hope you never lose the brightest smile of yours, 
which gives me lot of love and courage. 
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday -12

I wish you the happiest of all the 
Birthdays you’ve done before.

Happy BirthDay - 11

Wishing you the most awesome Birthday!

Happy BirthDay-10

as BRIGHT as it does now.
Happy Birth Day Honey !!

Happy Birthday-9

You are the Queen Bee of my life 
because your love is sweeter than honey. 
Happy Birthday to My Sweet Girl !!

Happy BirthDay -8

Hope you're wearing your best 
all day long!

Happy BirthDay - 7

Today I am going to shower you with hugs, kisses, love. 
Today is your chance to live the life of a QUEEN. 
Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

Happy BirthDay -6

My life without you would be like a lake without water. 
You make my love life complete in every possible way. 
Happy Birthday Honey.

Happy BirthDay -5

Even the most expensive gift in the world 
cannot match your smile, 
because your smile is precious. 
Happy Birthday darling!

Happy BirthDay -4

Its always a treat 
to wish Happy Birthday 
to someone So Sweet Like You

Happy BirthDay -3

Wishing a very special day 
to a very special person.

My Love! Happy B'day!!

Happy BirthDay -2

Happy Birthday to
The one and only LOVE of my life!

Happy BirthDay -1

Happy Birthday 
to my Lovely Angel 
having world’s  Prettiest SMILE !!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Beauty of STRONG Relation..!

When Relationship are STRONG,
"Shut up! Get Lost, nonsense, Idiot, or even Go to Hell"
will not have any impact !

But when

When Relationship is WEAK,
Simple words like 
"Thank You's, Sorry, Welcome, Good Bye, No Probs..." 
make BIG Difference!

Thats the BEAUTY of Strong Relation..!

Sweet Lil Things !!

The sweetest things I can do for a girl are 
the little things that let her know 
she’s in my heart and on my mind...

Monday, 2 April 2012

Careful with Your Actions !!

It only takes a minute to cause hurt 
but sometimes a Lifetime to repair. 
Careful with your actions
towards... Your LOVED ones

Happy with Wrong ones.?

Being sad with the right people is better..
than being happy with the wrong ones.

Be Specific when Lie !!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Relations is....

Relation Is...
When Someone Hurts  ..We don't Hurt them back 
When Someone Shouts..We don't Shout back
When Someone Needs..
We Always Come Back