Thursday, 26 April 2012

!! Get.Well.Soon !!

Hello Sweetie !!

Get Well Soon !!
Missing You too Much


I love the way just thinking about you 
Fills my heart with Bliss.


When I pull you close..
With my arms around you..
When your head is on my chest..
I feel so safe & heavenly


My Sweet Heart !! 

Get Well Soon !!
Missin You Sooo Much

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I hide my tears when i say your name,
But the pain in my heart is still same.

Although I seem angry & carefree, 
there is no one who misses you 
more then ME !!

తీరం లేని దూరం..

ఇంత దగ్గరా అంతులేని దూరం.. 

స్నేహమంటు లేక ఒంటరైన దూరం.. 
మైలు రాయికొక్క మాట మార్చు దూరం

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


No matter how many times you put me down.
No matter how you raise that wall between us 
and forget every inch of our memories.

I won't loose my heart.
I'll wait till that day when you realize 
that you CAN'T find someone like me.....

Some day you will understand my unexpressed feelings


Remember Me ?
I used to be your WORLD

I start to forget you..and then 

Someone says your name or
Something smells like you or
Someone has your smile 

and the minute I see You
I lose all the progress I made

In Mind - In Heart

I MISS YOU so much
that you're always on my MIND

I LOVE so much
that you're always on my Heart

Monday, 23 April 2012


Do You Know ?
How many f***ing times 
I have cried for you ?

Seeking.Excuse !

After loving me for years
someone told me "It will be RISK"

Really ???
When did YOU risk for me ??

Remember !! Its you 
who first ran away in difficult times

U always stayed in SAFE ZONE
and taking an EXCUSE for your
ESCAPISM ain't you?


Love hurts?? NO
Love doesnt hurt, what really hurt is 
lying, and screwing with peoples feelings and emotions

Matters.To.U ?

No Lessen


I am starting questioning 
whether you are worth it any more


Hey GOD, 
I think you owe me a big apology


Its not the goodbye that hurts, 
the flashbacks & memories that follow